Tuesday, November 20, 2012

13 Signs You're Experiencing an Awakening

You are experiencing an awakening, an "inner" earthquake, if:
  • You are able to quell past conditioning, focus on the present moment, and wholeheartedly empathize with others' feelings and emotions without judgment
  • You are less self-critical, and more self aware
  • You are beginning to see the far-reaching consequences of your own thoughts, words, actions, and behaviors
  • You are consciously learning to let go of past resentments, irrational fears, erroneous beliefs, blind faiths, and memories that no longer serve you
  • You are understanding your role in the universe and beginning to explore ways to make a meaningful contribution to the world
  • You find yourself appreciating others without any expectations
  • You realize that you can't keep running away from worldly problems and that you must find workable solutions
  • You are able to acknowledge the everyday people, privileges, and freedoms that you take for granted
  • You are able to observe, absorb, and appreciate the small joys of life
  • You are beginning to confront your fears and insecurities, and are looking for ways to take charge of your life
  • You are becoming aware of your self-defeating and self-destructive impulses and exploring ways to control them
  •  You are curious and are opening up to new things
  •  You try not to take things personally

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